Ultrasonic cleaning machine circuit form and the use of

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The ultrasonic cleaner circuit is divided into three parts: power supply circuit, microcontroller control board, and self-excited oscillation circuit.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine circuit form

Ultrasonic cleaning machine from the form of amplification circuit, you can use a linear amplifier circuit and switching power supply circuit, high-power ultrasonic power supply from the conversion efficiency considerations are generally used in the form of switching power supply circuit. Linear power supply also has its own unique range of applications, it has the advantage of not strictly required circuit matching, allowing continuous and rapid changes in operating frequency. From the current situation of the ultrasonic industry, ultrasound is mainly divided into self-excited and it excited power supply; ultrasonic power supply is mainly used according to the size of the transducer power, the frequency of the high and low, the electric capacity to match. Smaller power can be used self-excited, the power of the larger recommended to use it excited type.

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine

1, the ultrasonic cleaning machine work with a three-pronged power supply socket (phase, zero, ground).

2, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank must be added to a certain amount of cleaning fluid or water, cleaning fluid or water level should not be lower than two-thirds of the height of the cleaning tank (should be flush with the upper edge of the cleaning basket). When cleaning, please add cleaning agent according to different cleaning requirements to improve cleaning efficiency. All cleaning agents must meet the requirements of not corrosive cleaning machine liner and body.

3, ultrasonic cleaning machine will be cleaned materials into the metal frame, according to the degree of dirt cleaning materials set a certain cleaning time. General 3-10 minutes, particularly difficult to clean the material, cleaning time can be extended appropriately. (It is strictly prohibited not to use 1 cleaning basket directly into the material to be cleaned).

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