Laboratory ultrasonic instruments use

In fact, we generally say that the ultrasonic cleaning equipment means ultrasonic cleaning machine. Our common ultrasonic cleaning machines are mostly used in hospitals, biology, factories and so on, but of course they are also very common in families. They are very useful for cleaning glasses or watches, etc. But many people will not use ultrasonic cleaning machine. Take Guanbosi D series ultrasonic cleaner for example, it is low noise and durable. Let’s introduce the use of ultrasonic cleaner as follows.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine
Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

(1) Please refer to the ultrasonic cleaning machine installation instructions to connect the cleaning machine power.

(2)Add an appropriate amount of water in the cleaning tank, the height of the liquid to be cleaned submerged parts shall prevail, generally not more than three-quarters of the cleaning tank.

(3)Start the electric heating switch, and point the white scale on the water temperature adjusting knob to the suitable temperature (should be around 60°C). The high temperature of the washing machine should not exceed 70°C during the use.

(4) When the water temperature rises to about 40°C, add the cleaning items into the cleaning tank.

Precautions for use.

1、The power supply and electric heater of the ultrasonic cleaning machine must have good grounding device;

2、it is prohibited to open the ultrasonic cleaning machine without detergent, that is, if there is no amount of detergent added to the cleaning tank, you can not open the ultrasonic cleaning machine;

3、there is no liquid in the heating equipment cleaning equipment, it is forbidden to open the heating switch;

4、it is strictly prohibited to use heavy objects to clean the bottom of the cleaning tank, so as not to damage the inverter chip;

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