The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine (ultrasonic cleaning machine are what aspects of the role)

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine
The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is very wide, it has many kinds, whether in life or industry can be used.

① Family applications: in daily life ultrasonic cleaning has many unknown roles, such as gold and silver jewelry, razors, water pens, toothbrushes, dentures, combs, CDs, etc. Also includes milk bottles, pacifiers and fruit. In life is generally used for some jewelry, household tools and fruit cleaning at the same time to sterilize. Ultrasound can also be used in beauty care, long-term use can also keep the skin smooth and tender full of elasticity.

② glasses, optical instruments: ultrasonic cleaning of the lens cleaning is unique, some optical lenses, a variety of glasses, microscopes, cameras, magnifying glasses, cameras and telescopes in the lens and parts, etc. through the ultrasonic cleaning, not only clean as new but also will not have any harm to the lens.

③ jade, ornament processing industry: in the grinding and polishing process, a large amount of dust and dirt will be attached to the jade, ornaments, and these workpieces are often complex shape, gaps and more, ultrasonic cleaning machine are sent to a good use.

④ clocks and watches, precision instruments: using it clocks and watches, precision instruments eliminates the trouble of disassembling screws, gears, hairsprings, chains, etc., just remove the shell, the whole put into the cleaning tank with the appropriate cleaning agent, you can get twice the cleaning effect with half the effort.

⑤ banks, offices, finance, arts and crafts, advertising industry, office supplies can also use ultrasonic cleaner to ensure smooth and clear

⑥ Communication equipment, electrical appliances maintenance: cell phones, walkie-talkies, walkie-talkies and other electrical appliances, precision circuit boards, spare parts using ultrasonic cleaning machine combined with anhydrous alcohol cleaning, dust-free and pollution-free complete and thorough cleaning effect.

⑦medical, chemical industry, ultrasonic cleaning machine is also a common instrument in the laboratory.

Although many people have not actually used ultrasonic cleaning machine, but in fact, it can be said that the ultrasonic cleaning machine in fact he is around us, in life everywhere, according to the different cleaning items, the use of professional cleaning agents and cleaning instruments. Ultrasonic not only will not hurt the instrument, but also can be very good cleaning and maintenance of the instrument, in life is our essential good helper.

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