Ultrasonic cleaners are becoming increasingly important in domestic, commercial and industrial applications

With the increasing maturity of ultrasonic cleaning technology and ultrasonic cleaning market is gradually expanding, ultrasonic cleaning technology in civil, industrial and other fields occupy an increasingly important position.

In civil household, people in daily life more and more use of high-grade glasses, jewelry, brand-name watches and other valuable items, and these items need daily maintenance, which requires frequent cleaning and cleaning of these valuable items. The general cleaning effect is not very good, but the use of ultrasonic cleaning effect is remarkable. Not only can remove stubborn stains and dirt in the crevices that are difficult to clean by hand, but also can make the surface of the object more shiny.

The commercial service industry, large hotels, restaurants with it to clean tableware, not only good cleaning effect, but also has the role of killing viruses.

As for the industrial field, it is more important. Electronics, hardware, aviation, shipping, chemical and other industries are developing rapidly, the demand for cleaning is also growing, such as the electronics industry circuit board cleaning, hardware industry hardware parts rust removal. Chemical industry degreasing, to corrosion are required ultrasonic cleaning technology.

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