Ultrasonic cleaning technology in the field of food applications

Since its discovery and identification in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the application of ultrasound has covered all aspects of our lives. Such as the food field, has been the use of jet rinsing-based cleaning method. Then in recent years, in the food field, the use of ultrasonic cleaning has been more and more attention.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables

Ultrasonic cleaning can be applied to the food field include.

1, meal box tableware cleaning. Compared with high-pressure spray washing, faster and more thorough.

2, beverage bottle cleaning of various beverage bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles cleaning.

3、The cleaning of shelves, beer bottle boxes, shopping baskets, etc. were not given attention before, but now the requirements for cleanliness are getting higher.

4, the cleaning of the food itself is recommended to use this new ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove surface bacteria in operations such as soybeans. In addition, root vegetables such as radish can be used. Future use will continue to expand.

5, food manufacturing machinery and parts of the cleaning of food manufacturing plants use all the parts that need to be cleaned can be used as cleaning objects. Here is a break with common sense of the new ultrasonic cleaning technology for new applications.

6, ultrasonic rice washing using a new ultrasonic cleaning technology for instant ultrasonic rice washing. To prepare ready-to-eat rice, you need to wash the rice in a few seconds.

It is also worth mentioning that ultrasound in the food field, not only can only be applied in cleaning, but also can remove bacteria, thawing, emulsification, homogenization, separation and extraction, auxiliary crystallization, etc.

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