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Ultrasonic cleaning machine indicator light does not light, no ultrasonic output is what the problem?

1, the indicator light does not light up the problem

Under normal circumstances, the corresponding indicator light of the ultrasonic cleaner will light up when in use to let the operator know the relevant status of the ultrasonic cleaner or program stop, so the indicator light looks inconspicuous, but it has an important role to play.

If the problem of the indicator light does not light up when using the ultrasonic cleaner, one reason is that the power switch is damaged, resulting in no power input, and another reason is that the indicator light does not light up because of a blown fuse. Therefore, the need for targeted inspection based on these two reasons.

2, no ultrasonic output

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning principle is the use of ultrasonic physical cleaning, but if the power switch is turned on after the light is on, no ultrasonic output can not be cleaned on a variety of objects work.

And there are two main reasons why the ultrasonic output is not normal: one is a blown fuse. Repair way, replace the fuse with a new one. Another reason is that the ultrasonic generator is malfunctioning. You can first check whether the connection plug between the generator and the ultrasonic power board is loose.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the process of use, if the indicator light does not light or no ultrasonic output and other abnormal problems, you can follow the above way to check. If you can not handle, you should promptly find a professional technician to troubleshoot, so as not to further damage the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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