What is the role of degassing, variable wave and frequency sweep in ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can be said to be a household name of a cleaning equipment, common glasses cleaning machine, fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is a kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine, then you know the ultrasonic cleaning machine degassing, change wave, sweep the frequency of these functions in the end what is the use?

The role of degassing.

Degassing is dissolved in the cleaning fluid gas, so that the cleaning fluid can better become the medium for the transmission of ultrasound.

Ultrasonic vibration energy radiation will be affected by the greater concentration of air in the cleaning fluid, if the residual gas in the cleaning fluid is more, it will hinder the propagation of ultrasound, thereby reducing the cleaning power. Therefore, the use of degassing devices to discharge the gas in the cleaning fluid to improve the cleaning effect.

In addition, the gas in the cleaning fluid, the workpiece in the air residual minimal environment cleaning, you can solve the problem of oxidation in the cleaning process.


The role of change wave.

Variable wave = rough washing, is the use of ultrasound upper half-wave frequency work, with the characteristics of strong cleaning strength, can effectively remove the surface of the object large molecules of dirt.

Because the ultrasonic frequency is not the same, the result of the effect of cavitation is not the same, the higher the frequency, the smaller the bubbles produced, the stronger the penetration, but the corresponding strength is smaller. The lower the frequency, the larger the bubbles produced, the weaker the penetration, but the stronger the cleaning surface. So the role of variable wave is used to change the cleaning effect.

The role of sweeping frequency.

Sweeping frequency is in the cleaning process of ultrasonic frequency in a reasonable range of reciprocal sweeping, its role is to improve the ultrasonic cleaning tank ultrasonic field structure.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine work in a fixed frequency has greater limitations, due to certain parameters, such as water temperature, cleaning volume and other changes, easy to produce the resonant frequency drift, resulting in changes in sound power, affecting the cleaning effect.

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