Can ultrasonic cleaning machine wash cow horn comb?

Not recommended, because the horn comb can not touch hot or warm water, otherwise it is easy to deformation and cracking. The horn is afraid of heat and humidity. After touching the water should be dried in time, put in the shade.


The correct cleaning method of the horn comb.

1, horn comb first of all to prepare shampoo and soft brush.

2, apply some shampoo on top of the soft yarn, then rub the shampoo, so that the shampoo produces foam.

3, then use the soft brush directly, and brush and clean every part of the cow horn and every tooth.

4, after the cow horn comb scrubbed clean, then directly with water to clean the cow horn comb.

5, then use a soft cloth to dry every part of the horn comb.

Daily maintenance of the horn comb.

1、 natural materials are made of smooth fiber, avoid falling, avoid pulling, avoid force, avoid folding, avoid high temperature.

2、avoid hard objects collision friction or scratches.

3、 Do not place the horn comb in an environment where the temperature exceeds 40 ℃.

4、the comb should not be immersed in water for a long time, after cleaning, immediately wipe clean with a dry towel, put in a cool place to dry.

5、 Please hold the comb at the back when combing, otherwise it may break.

6、 If the temperature affects the wooden comb deformation, do not open by hand, please soak the comb in water and dry to recover naturally.

7、 If the horn comb deformation, please use the hair dryer to heat the weight to flatten.

8、 winter weather is dry, the comb each time after cleaning, use hand cream coated surface.

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