Ultrasonic cleaning machine fuse always blows how to do?

In use if a fault does not work, a large part of the reason is a blown fuse, which is also one of the faults that our after-sales service has often encountered.


If the fuse is blown, there are generally the following reasons.

1, the machine runs for a long time or improper operation caused by a short circuit in the power line can cause the fuse to burn out, in such cases the user only need to replace the fuse themselves.

2, the outside voltage or current is too large. This will require you to stabilize the voltage or reduce the load. Then replace the fuse with a new one on OK.

3, may be caused by the ultrasonic generator itself problems, such as short circuit, device damage. This can not be solved by changing the fuse. Need a professional check, repair, and then replace the fuse with a new one.

4, if the new insurance just replaced the burned out, it may be that there are components inside a short circuit.

5, it is possible that the user ground wire and the fire wire or zero wire mixed, and not grounded. Because the machine ground is connected to the machine shell.

To prevent the ultrasonic cleaning machine blown fuse should pay attention to the following issues.

1. Strictly prevent the line short circuit: The cleaning tank of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel in one stamping, and the drainage port are also made effective waterproof treatment. But in use, special attention must be paid to keep dry to prevent a short circuit in the line.

2. Running time should not be too long: ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for a long time running, generally running more than one and a half hours must rest to ensure that the temperature is not too high, the cleaning tank must be added to the cleaning solution before starting.

According to the cleaning task, if you need a long time batch for work cleaning operations, you can choose to customize Granbo Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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