Ultrasonic cleaning machine leakage how to do?

Today, the economy is growing rapidly and the tools people use are expanding in directions we didn’t anticipate before. In the past, some watches, jewelry and mechanical appliances were difficult to clean without the help of tools. But with the ultrasonic cleaning machine came into being, it has brought great convenience to certain industries. But sometimes ultrasonic cleaning machine leakage, laymen often do not know how to do, so I came to tell you how to do.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

Ultrasonic cleaning machine leakage causes

Ultrasonic cleaning machine open the power switch, the indicator light does not light: at this time, you must check whether the power switch is intact, the leakage switch is closed. If the switch is intact, then check whether the fuse is overloaded and blown, the basic solution. Ultrasonic cleaning machine DC fuse blown. It may be a rectifier bridge stack or power tube burned out, or it may be the aging of the transducer, the current is not stable, resulting in generator failure. Pay more attention when repairing.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine open the power switch, the light is on, but no ultrasonic output: this situation is more complicated. Repair first check whether the transducer and ultrasonic power board connection plug is loose, and then check whether the fuse is blown. If everything is normal, it may be caused by the internal fault of the ultrasonic generator. Use a multimeter to open the power supply line, check whether the fire line is open circuit. After the generator fault is eliminated, check whether the ultrasonic transducer is burned out and whether it needs to be replaced.

Humidity: The power supply part is caused by excessive environmental humidity. Resulting in excessive leakage.

Poor heat dissipation: As the ultrasonic generator is a power device, it needs certain heat dissipation conditions. The power supply part is hot due to poor heat dissipation, resulting in excessive leakage current.

No reliable grounding: Many users have a wrong understanding of grounding. The grounding of electrical parts is not reliable. Therefore, leakage will occur.

Incorrect power connection: small ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine is a single-phase power supply, but the L pole and N pole must be clearly distinguished. Otherwise, there will be leakage.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine leakage solution.

Ensure that the connection: operators in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, if the ultrasonic heating device is installed, must ensure that the ultrasonic heating device and ultrasonic power supply is well connected. If there is no effective connection, not only the ultrasonic heating device may be heated, but also may be leaking.

Working data: When opening the ultrasonic cleaning machine, first set the ultrasonic power supply voltage to 220V and frequency to about 50KHz. This is the common data when working with a single ultrasonic power supply. In the cleaning process, if you need to replace the new cleaning fluid, the ultrasonic power switch must be turned off before replacement to avoid failure. After cleaning, the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning tank should be cleared of sediment to ensure that the ultrasonic cleaning machine is used again.

Well, now I believe that you should have a clear understanding of the causes of ultrasonic cleaning machine leakage and countermeasures, and never have to worry about the problem of ultrasonic cleaning machine leakage. In fact, we usually use, if you pay attention to a little leakage, the likelihood of occurrence is relatively small. So just usually we know more about it, will certainly bring great convenience to our life.

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