Industrial cleaning common classification of the three cleaning principles

Industrial cleaning can be classified from different angles, such as cleaning principles to classify can be divided into: chemical cleaning, physical cleaning, microbial cleaning.

1、Chemical cleaning

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

The use of chemical agents and dirt chemical reaction, so that the dirt from the surface of the cleaning object dissociation and dissolution of the dispersion to the water cleaning called chemical cleaning. Chemical cleaning process using chemical agents called chemical cleaning agents.

Common chemical cleaning agents include a variety of inorganic or organic acids, alkalis, oxidizers, metal ion integrators, etc.. For example, inorganic acid to remove the metal surface rust scale, scale, bleaching oxidizer to remove the surface of the object discoloration, with fungicides, disinfectants to kill the day microorganisms and remove the object surface attached to the mud and dirt or mold spots.

Chemical cleaning is generally also with other high-pressure water jets, rinsing, electrolysis and other composite cleaning methods to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

2、Physical cleaning

Physical cleaning refers to the use of various mechanical external forces and energy to crush the dirt, decomposition and peel off the surface of the object, to achieve the effect of cleaning. That is, where the use of thermal, mechanical, acoustical, optical, electrical principles to remove surface dirt should be classified as physical cleaning range.

Now commonly used physical cleaning methods are ultrasonic cleaning, spraying, rinsing, high-pressure water jet cleaning, dry ice cleaning, plasma cleaning, laser cleaning and blast cleaning, etc.. Physical cleaning also requires the participation of certain chemical agents to improve the efficiency of cleaning.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
 Ultrasonic Cleaning

3、Microbial cleaning

Microbial cleaning mainly refers to enzymatic cleaning. Enzymes are proteins with catalytic ability produced by plants, animals and microorganisms. The use of enzymes of high efficiency special biological catalysis, to be cleaned industrial parts, equipment surface attached to the oil or protein pollution decomposition, it will become non-toxic and harmless water-soluble substances and be removed. The use of this enzyme cleaning method to completely decompose the pollutants, is a real sense of environmental protection cleaning technology.

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