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How to make industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment has a better cleaning effect?

With the passage of time, the cleaning effect of the previously purchased industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine seems to have been unable to well meet their psychological requirements, but did not reach the need to replace the equipment. So this situation, how should we be able to effectively enhance the cleaning effect of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine?

One, maintenance maintenance is very important


(1) regular maintenance technology requires simple, low cost, while ensuring the normal operation of the equipment, reduce the wear and tear of parts, extend the service life of the equipment, making the enterprise more scientific and reasonable allocation of limited resources, while achieving: “cutting costs, open source” purpose.

(2) The shorter the service life of the equipment, the higher the reliability, the longer the service life, the lower the reliability. The lower the reliability that mechanical equipment is prone to failure, the more serious the tangible wear and tear of the equipment, the greater the cost to repair it. Modern machinery and equipment is capital-intensive equipment, equipment investment and use costs are very expensive, the urgent need for economic benefits of equipment management. Therefore, through the routine maintenance of equipment and maintenance to reduce the tangible wear and tear of equipment, reduce the equipment life cycle of maintenance costs and other abnormal expenses.

Second, the operation of the use of norms

1, the choice of cleaning agent

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

According to the different cleaning objects to choose the correct cleaning agent. Cleaning agent is generally divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agent, organic solvent cleaning agent and chemical reaction cleaning agent. Usually used for water-based cleaning agents.

And there are many ultrasonic cleaning agent, the market is a mixed product is innumerable, so how to choose a suitable product is very critical.

When we buy ultrasonic cleaning agent, we must first ask the relevant technical personnel, in order to confirm that the product is suitable for the case of choice, and to have a reliable after-sales service, otherwise it is easy to produce many problems.

2, Choose the temperature of the cleaning solution


Cleaning temperature is an important factor affecting the cleaning speed, appropriate to improve the temperature of the cleaning fluid, can enhance the cavitation capacity, shorten the cleaning time, but more than a certain temperature, due to the corresponding increase in steam pressure instead of making the cavitation effect is reduced, so must maintain a certain temperature range, such as water solvent cleaning fluid is generally about 45 ℃, trichloroethylene cleaning fluid at about 75 ℃. The choice of cleaning fluid must consider the choice of cleaning fluid viscosity to be small, the surface tension should be small to facilitate the cavitation of cleaning fluid.

3, ultrasonic intensity (power density) selection

How to improve the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine?
How to improve the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

That is, the sound power per unit area. Ultrasonic cleaning effect depends on the cavitation effect, and the cavitation effect of ultrasonic strength. In general, the unit area of sound power more than 0.3W/cm 2 (output power is generally greater than 1W) aqueous solution can produce cavitation. In a certain range, the greater the ultrasonic intensity, the more obvious the cavitation effect, that is, the better the cleaning effect. But too high power density will be too strong due to cavitation and cause surface erosion of the workpiece so that the parts are damaged. In addition, when the power density increases to a certain extent will appear saturation phenomenon, the cleaning effect will decline. Generate cavitation power density threshold and frequency and the relationship, the higher the frequency, the greater the power density of cavitation, for example, 16 – 20KHz, power density threshold is about 0.3 – 0.4W/cm2; 26 – 30KHz, power density is selected for 0.5 – 0.8W/cm2; 30 – 40KHz, power density should be selected for 1 – 1.2 W/cm2 .

4, ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency selection

Ultrasonic vibration frequency has a great impact on the cleaning effect, which is due to the ultrasonic frequency for the cavitation effect is very influential reason. Practice has proved that the same power, low frequency is easy to stimulate cavitation. That is, the lower the frequency, the better the effect of cavitation, but the greater the noise. Conversely, the higher the frequency, the worse the effect of cavitation, the less noise.

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