What is solvent-based cleaning agent, solvent-based cleaning agent and the difference between water-based cleaning agent

Although ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used, but also can not be separated from the auxiliary role of cleaning agents. In general, ultrasonic cleaning machine commonly used cleaning agents include these two categories: chemical cleaning agents (solvent-based cleaning agents) and water-based cleaning agents. In other words, the mechanical and physical effects of ultrasound and ultrasonic cleaning agents combined with the chemical dissolution and softening effect, you can achieve the desired cleaning effect.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

1、Solvent-based cleaning agent

Organic solvent cleaning agent (ultrasonic) → water-based cleaning agent (ultrasonic) → city water rinsing → pure water rinsing → IPA (isopropyl alcohol) dehydration → IPA slow pull drying.

The main use of solvent-based cleaning agents is to clean the oil stains on mechanical parts. In the past, solvent-based cleaning agents are mostly trichloroethylene. As trichloroethylene belongs to ODS (Ozone Depleting Substance) products, it is in the stage of mandatory elimination. Long-term use of trichloroethylene is very likely to cause occupational diseases, and as trichloroethylene is extremely unstable and easily hydrolyzed into acid, it will corrode lenses and equipment. In this regard, domestic cleaning agent manufacturers gradually began to develop and produce environmentally friendly solvent-based cleaning agents that do not contain ODS.

2、Water-based cleaning agent

Water-based cleaning agent (ultrasonic) → city water rinsing → water-based cleaning agent → city water rinsing → pure water rinsing → IPA dehydration → IPA slow pull drying.

The main difference between using water-based cleaning agent and solvent-based cleaning agent is the first two cleaning units: solvent-based cleaning agent can not be diluted with water and can not clean large machinery and equipment. Water-based cleaning is different. Both parts and large machinery and equipment can play a very good cleaning effect, greatly reducing the subsequent cleaning unit in the water-based cleaning agent cleaning pressure.

The disadvantage of water-based cleaning agent is that long-term use may lead to rust spots on the surface of the equipment, the quality of equipment and parts with high requirements is not recommended.

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