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Although dentures do not produce cavities, they can harbor bacteria if not cleaned properly and can damage dentures in serious cases.

Different dentures have different cleaning methods.

1、Fixed dentures: the same as real teeth, but the bridge (the part connecting real teeth and dentures) should be gently passed through with coarse dental floss to remove food debris.

2, partially removable dentures: most older people are used to wearing dentures, so they often ignore the contact surface of dentures and natural teeth, it is recommended to always take off and clean dentures, using a special toothbrush and toothpaste for dentures. And real teeth are recommended to use gauze or toothbrush dipped in toothpaste to clean real teeth.

The denture toothbrush has two brush heads, the large brush head is used to clean the teeth and the small brush head can clean the grooves of the dentures. Denture toothpaste is less likely to damage dentures because it is not powdered like regular toothpaste. Or you can also use the ultrasonic cleaner in the dental clinic, the use of ultrasonic vibration stain removal effect to achieve the cleaning effect.

3, full mouth movable dentures: remove and clean every day before going to bed. Now there are denture cleaning tablets on the market. It is recommended that elderly people who have inflexible hand movements and are worried about incorrect teeth cleaning can use them more often, at least once a week, to strengthen the sterilization function.

Denture cleaning tablets use chemicals such as oxidizers to eliminate food debris and plaque. Soak for 5-15 minutes at a time. Be careful that it does not soak overnight. Otherwise, chemicals such as oxidizers can still damage the dentures. Some seniors will use vinegar water or hot water to clean their dentures. In fact, this can damage dentures. Vinegar water cannot remove tartar and will change the color of the dentures, and hot water will deform the dentures.

Denture Cleaner.

Home electronic portable ultrasonic cleaning machine, denture cleaning machine, jewelry jewelry cleaning machine
Home electronic portable ultrasonic cleaning machine, denture cleaning machine, jewelry jewelry cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can completely replace the manual cleaning of dentures, just put the dentures in, plus water and detergent, start the machine, you can thoroughly clean the dentures, leaving no dead ends, no matter how small the gap can be cleaned in place, can remove the stubborn dirt on the strong, effective disinfection and sterilization.

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