Gear ultrasonic cleaning machine,industrial gear ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil and rust

Wheel cleaning has been a big problem for many companies. Gears inevitably leave oil, chips and other stains after a series of processing techniques or use. The cleanliness of gears is an important indicator for assembling gears. Unclean cleaning can easily cause uneven gear meshing, affecting the quality and life of the entire transmission system.

And gear ultrasonic cleaning machine can solve this problem!

Oil removal effect comparison chart
Oil removal effect comparison chart

Gear ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly applied to gears and other parts cleaning, blowing dry, drying, oil spraying and rust prevention. And it can also be applied to the cleaning operation of other mechanical parts.

Gear ultrasonic cleaning machine using ultrasonic cleaning, has the advantages of fast cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, no damage to objects, reduce labor intensity, cost savings, etc.

Gear surface attached cutting fluid, oil, dust, particle impurities, etc. after ultrasonic treatment, so that the attached material and the metal surface from, and then after high-pressure spray rinse, can thoroughly clean the metal workpiece on the particle impurities and oil, so as to achieve the ideal cleaning effect can not be achieved artificially.

Gear Cleaning
Gear Cleaning

Gear ultrasonic cleaning machine process: feeding → spray cleaning → spray cleaning two → spray rinsing → spray rinsing (keep clean water) → fan blowing water → under the material.

Gear ultrasonic cleaning machine features

1, very high parts surface cleanliness: to achieve the car, locomotive, aircraft bearings, gears and other complex components inside and outside the surface of the grease, gum and other dirt thorough cleaning to achieve the renovation of the cleaning effect.

2、Greatly improve the cleaning efficiency: cleaning time can be greatly shortened compared with traditional cleaning methods. Good economy: it is one tenth of the cost of gasoline brushing.

3, superior environmental performance: the use of water-based cleaning agents instead of gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other solvents, safe and environmentally friendly.

At present, we are in contact with the application of ultrasonic cleaning industry, machinery, electronics, electroplating, hardware pre-treatment, etc., can be said to involve all aspects of modern industrial products. Ultrasonic cleaning has shown great superiority, will gradually replace the traditional cleaning methods.

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