How to make the ultrasonic cleaning machine to achieve the ideal cleaning effect?

To ultrasonic cleaning to achieve the ideal cleaning effect there are many prerequisites, including the selection of the appropriate cleaning agent, cleaning at the correct temperature, control the appropriate cleaning time and choose the right size and type of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

But in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can start from these two points to let the ultrasonic cleaning machine to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.

1, the use of precautions.

(1) in the cleaning tank is not poured into the cleaning solution or water, it is strictly prohibited to turn on the machine, otherwise it may damage the instrument.

(2) cable connector before use must establish whether the connector is damp, if there is moisture, should first deal with dry, before use.

(3 Do not make the cleaning fluid and water flow to the generator, so as not to damage the instrument.

2, the correct way to use ultrasonic cleaning machine.

(1) ultrasonic cleaning tank temperature of 30 ~ 50 ℃ is appropriate.

(2) according to the different cleaning objects to choose the correct cleaning agent. Cleaning agent is generally divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agent, organic solvent cleaning agent and chemical reaction cleaning agent. Usually used more for the water-based cleaning agent.

(3) according to the degree of pollution and dirt nature of the cleaned object, choose a different cleaning time.

(4) ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning agent recycling and ultrasonic cleaning method can save a lot of cleaning agent, after each use of the cleaning machine, the cleaning solution into the container, the next use and then pour into the cleaning tank, the remaining sediment can be disposed of. If the concentration of the cleaning solution is not enough, the right amount to add a little can be reused.

Another thing to note is that in terms of security, careful consideration should be in the choice of ultrasonic cleaning agent. Not suitable for the ultrasonic cleaning agent will be potentially harmful to the surface of some workpieces, but not achieve the desired cleaning effect.

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