Ultrasonic cleaning machine should be how to choose the cleaning agent?

Not only the ultrasonic cleaning machine needs detergent, any cleaning equipment needs this. And before enough to buy cleaning agents, we should be clear about the items we want to clean, what stains need to be cleaned, which determines what cleaning agents we should use to carry out cleaning operations.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

When choosing a cleaning agent, the following three factors should be considered.

1, cleaning efficiency: when choosing an effective cleaning solvent, be sure to do more experiments. If the introduction of ultrasound in the existing cleaning process, the solvent used generally does not need to change;

2, easy to use: the liquid used should be safe and non-toxic, simple to operate, long service life;

3, the cost: cheap cleaning agent use cost is not necessarily low. Use must consider solvent cleaning efficiency, safety, a certain amount of solvent can clean how many workpieces, utilization and other factors. Of course, the selected cleaning agent must achieve the cleaning effect, and should be compatible with the workpiece material to be cleaned.

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