The role of ultrasonic cleaning agent and the use of methods and precautions

Ultrasonic cleaning agent has the function of thoroughly cleaning the oil stains of various parts. It is a mixture of various surfactants, emulsifiers, penetrating agents and dispersants. The unique chemical action destroys the molecular structure of various lubricating grease, thus achieving the purpose of quickly and thoroughly removing heavy oil and dirt.

Together with ultrasonic cleaning machine, the workpiece can be treated quickly. Different dilution ratios and different cleaning methods can be selected according to different conditions to achieve the ideal cleaning requirements for the workpiece.

When using ultrasonic cleaning machine, you should choose the cleaning agent according to the cleaning items, but pay attention to whatever cleaning items, do not use flammable, explosive, corrosive cleaning agent.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

Ultrasonic cleaning agents can be divided into two categories.

1、 solvent-based cleaning agents

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment solvent-based cleaning agent’s main use is to clean the oil on mechanical parts. The previous solvent-based cleaning agent is mainly trichloroethylene. As trichloroethylene is a mandatory phase out of the ozone-depleting substances (ozone-depleting substances) products, long-term use of trichloroethylene susceptible to occupational diseases, and trichloroethylene is unstable and easy to hydrolyze, corrosive effect on equipment.

2、Water-based cleaning agent

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for water-based cleaning is different. Whether it is parts or large machinery and equipment, can play a good cleaning effect, thus reducing the subsequent cleaning device in the water-based cleaning agent cleaning pressure. With the continuous development of the cleaning industry, more and more companies began to use ultrasonic cleaning equipment, but due to the lack of understanding of the cleaning method, the cleaning effect is not ideal.

Notes on the use of.

1, from the object of cleaning, there are ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, valves, bearings, etc., a variety of existing cleaning agents can basically be applied to ultrasonic cleaning according to the different objects of cleaning, directly or slightly improved.

2, water-based cleaning agents should pay attention to the cleaning temperature, time and water multiplier, etc.

3, pay attention to the flammability, explosiveness and volatility of solvent-based cleaning agents. For flammable and explosive solvent-based cleaning agents, need to be used with caution or do not use the ultrasonic heating function, pay attention to static electricity and the occasional electrical sparks of the ultrasonic power supply.

4, cleaning agents and ultrasound when used together, the cleaning process and process is also important. In general, water-based cleaning agents will involve several cleaning processes such as cleaning, rinsing, rinsing and drying again. Only a reasonable process can give full play to the cleaning agent and ultrasonic equipment cleaning efficiency.

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