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Introduction to the product features and application scenarios of spray cleaners

Spray washing machine
Spray washing machine

Spray washing machine features.

1、Fast cleaning speed and uniform effect. The whole equipment is generally made of stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant.

2, a new type of continuous cleaning equipment, with detergent spraying, spraying water rinsing, fan blowing water, hot air drying and other functions.

3, the instrument working time, temperature, power (adjustable).

4、The cleaning machine is fully automatic relay control form. In addition to manual up and down the workpiece, other processes are automatically completed.

Spray cleaning machine scope of application.

Spray cleaning machine in the manufacturing industry in a variety of forms, a wide range of applications. In the application of degreasing cleaning, it is also combined with ultrasonic cleaning to form a cleaning and drying line. In the cleaning process of ultrasonic dewaxing, generally used as a rinsing process to reduce costs and achieve results.

1, widely used in jewelry, watches, cases of polishing wax and dirt, electronic parts and electronic, computer circuit boards on the flux, rosin, precision devices on the grease.

2, aviation, railroad system production and maintenance, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry such as gears, crankshafts, gear boxes, fuel pump nozzle parts, bearings, actuators, fuel filters, shock absorbers and other high-precision ultrasonic cleaning.

3, precision mold, lighting, locks, cutlery, cutlery and other hardware finished products before packaging ultrasonic cleaning.

4, surface treatment industry such as mechanical hardware parts before plating, ultrasonic cleaning of non-metallic outer shell coating, etc.

5、Precision copper parts, zinc and aluminum alloy parts, cleaning of hardware parts with high cleanliness requirements.

6、Particularly suitable for high-grade watches injection parts cleaning before painting.

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