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Cleaning electronic products with ultrasonic, will cause damage to electronic products?

“Never put electronic products in water” is a common sense that we have been taught since childhood. Any electronic products in the presence of water are prone to corrosion or uncontrollable failure. Because there is water, so you can not use ultrasonic cleaning electronics? Of course not necessarily, this is not the case.

pcb ultrasonic cleaning machine
pcb ultrasonic cleaning machine

The end of the rumor: electronic products can not be washed in water

In fact, unplugged electronic devices can be placed in water to clean. The trick is ultrasonic drying. If electronic devices are cleaned with water, the contact points may be contaminated with any loose dirt and debris. To prevent dirt from drying in the proper place, use chemicals to get rid of the dirt during the drying process.

You may have heard that your electronics will be safe if you use deionized water instead of tap water for cleaning jobs. Just like regular water, when you start using deionized water to clean your electronics, it (the water) is filled with dirt and contaminants.

After removing the electronics from the water, any contact points must be cleaned with a chemical cleaner which must act as a drain and lubricant. This will prevent contamination of critical contact points.

Don’t worry about solder joints on electronic devices.

The vibrations used in ultrasound may seem to the average person to damage the very delicate solder joints in electronic devices. Fortunately, ultrasound does not.

Ultrasonic cleaners work by creating small bubbles that repeatedly appear and burst. This process is called cavitation. Because the bubbles are the driving force behind the cleaning, the solder joints are safe.

A chemical used in the soldering process is called flux, and this is the residue that manufacturers need to remove using ultrasound.

Choosing the right frequency with ultrasonic cleaners

One thing you must be very careful about is frequency. Generally speaking, a frequency between 27 and 40 kHz is suitable for cleaning electronics. If the frequency is set too high, damage may result.

If you are not sure of the frequency you use, or if you encounter some equipment problems when using ultrasonic cleaning equipment, you can come to consult Granbo’s staff. Please do not let your ultrasonic cleaning equipment work until the problem is solved.

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