Small ultrasonic cleaning machine use precautions

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine usually refers to the cleaning capacity are less than 3L cleaning machine for commercial and laboratory use, mainly for home use. The characteristics of small ultrasonic cleaning machine is precisely in the small, due to the small size, the design is more precise and detailed, but incorrect use is also more likely to damage the cleaning machine.

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine
Small ultrasonic cleaning machine

The use of small ultrasonic cleaning machine precautions are as follows.

1, in order to avoid cleaning tank, due to thermal expansion and contraction of the reason for the transducer off, so you can not pour the overheated cleaning fluid into the cleaning cylinder suddenly.

2, the correct choice of cleaning agent, the cleaning effect is very important, according to the object to be cleaned surface adhesion, to determine the cleaning agent. Generally have: oil remover, rust remover, paint remover, carbon remover, wax remover, and other organic chemical cleaning agents. Can not contain strong acid, strong alkali solution injected into the cleaning tank, to corrode the cleaning tank.

3, ultrasonic cleaning machine in the process of work, the liquid will make a certain temperature, so that the liquid generated by the liquid temperature, generally stable in the summer at about 55 ℃, winter at about 45 ℃. If you choose the solvent cleaning, be sure to pay attention to understand the solvent ignition temperature? If the use of flammable solvent cleaning, should pay attention to the temperature change in the cleaning tank, if the liquid temperature is too high, the ultrasonic power should be turned off, to be cleaned after the solvent temperature drops, to ensure safety, if the use of flammable solvent cleaning “can not be heated”, otherwise it may catch fire.

4, the object to be cleaned into the cleaning basket or special fixture, the object to be cleaned without contact with the tank will have a better cleaning effect.

5, the heater is installed in the back side of the inner tank 2/3 of the following parts, in the heating, do not touch the heating plate parts with your hands, beware of burns, in the liquid level is less than 2/3 of the height of the inner tank can not be heated, it is recommended that the ultrasonic inner tank solution, long-term heating to more than 80 ℃, which will shorten the life of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Summary: good equipment also needs to be operated in accordance with the correct mode of operation, the equipment manual is a very good thing, it can answer most of the routine questions in the use of the process, I hope you familiar with the operation after reading.

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