Can ultrasonic cleaning machine clean cell phone parts? Will it damage the precision cell phone parts?

Cell phone parts can be ultrasonic cleaning? A common concern is whether the vibration of the ultrasonic cleaning machine will damage precision cell phone parts? Fortunately, ultrasonic cleaning is not to produce damage to cell phone parts. Ultrasonic cleaning technology works through the transducer, the power ultrasonic frequency source of acoustic energy into mechanical vibration, in the cleaning fluid medium when the spread of countless tiny bubbles. These tiny bubbles constantly expand and rupture, producing local shock waves, penetrating a variety of tiny grooves blind holes, using tiny bubbles for impact to remove dirt from the surface of the object, to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This process is called cavitation. As the cavitation bubble is the driving force of cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning technology can penetrate the tiny crevices and small holes, with other cleaning methods can not achieve the unique cleaning effect. Therefore, precision cell phone parts using ultrasonic cleaning is safe.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle
Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

In cell phone repair stores, it is often necessary to clean cell phone parts such as shells, keys and trays. This cell phone parts can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine, with a small ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning can be. Pay attention to the selection of the appropriate frequency, cleaning after natural air dry can be.

In addition, cell phone parts factory also need to clean some finer circuit board solder dust. How to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean them?

Cell phone parts factory usually need to clean finer cell phone parts, such as vibrators, circuit boards, graphics cards, etc.. The solder joint dust on the circuit board is more stubborn and needs to get the whole board wet to clean it. Then the main trick is to use deionized water. Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the use of deionized water. Deionized water is pure water that contains no minerals or other contaminants and will not deposit minerals on the substrate, helping to rinse and provide a spotless drying action. It is also recommended to choose a double tank with drying ultrasonic cleaner. After ultrasonic cleaner cleaning, the drying tank can quickly remove the moisture from the surface of cell phone parts to reduce rework and improve reliability.

Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean cell phone parts, can remove the dust and dirt in the fine crevices of cell phone parts, thus providing more uniform cleaning of cell phone parts. The above is the question of whether ultrasonic can clean cell phone parts, you can make a choice according to your needs.

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