What industries can the ultrasonic vibrator be used in? Ultrasonic vibrating bar application areas are explained

The ultrasonic vibrator is used as a cleaning machine that is placed directly into the water. It has a wide range of applications. Let’s see what industries the ultrasonic vibrating wand can be used in?

Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar
Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar

1, biological industry: essential oil extraction, Chinese medicine preparation, natural pigment extraction, polysaccharide extraction, flavonoid extraction, alkaloid extraction, polyphenol extraction, organic acid extraction, oil extraction.

2, laboratory, university and research institute applications: chemical mixing, logistics mixing, cell crushing, product crushing, material dispersion (suspension preparation) and coalescence.

3, chemical industry: ultrasonic emulsification homogenization, ultrasonic gel liquefaction, resin defoaming, ultrasonic crude oil emulsion breaking.

4、Ultrasonic biodiesel production: in various chemical production, accelerate and enhance the ester exchange reaction and various chemical reactions.

5、Water treatment industry: sewage degradation.

6、Food and cosmetic industry: alcohol alcoholization, refining of cosmetic particles, extraction of nanoparticles.

7、Graphene industry: graphene dispersion, graphene nanoparticle preparation.

8、In some landscape lakes and rivers: ultrasonic vibrating bar can also be used to kill and inhibit algae.

In summary, it can be seen that the role of ultrasonic vibrating rod is very powerful, the application in major industries is basically based on the two main effects of ultrasound, mechanical vibration effect and cavitation effect. Buyers can the above as a reference, but also on their own to the ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers to buy, but also to well-known manufacturers and specialized receptionists to talk about their actual needs to make a better purchase.

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