Does the ultrasonic cleaner rise in temperature? Why does the temperature rise even when the ultrasonic cleaner is not heated?

Most of the industrial, laboratory or medical ultrasonic cleaners on the market have a heating function. Generally only small home ultrasonic cleaning machine for cost considerations do not have other additional features. But do not use the heating function, the water temperature will still rise, is this normal? And what is the reason for this?

Water temperature and heating
Water temperature and heating

The answer is normal. The smaller the ultrasonic cleaner, the more obvious this phenomenon, because the smaller cleaning machine capacity is smaller, the same heat under the water temperature is more likely to rise.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine does not open heating will also rise in temperature for the following reasons.

The reason for the temperature rise, one is the transducer and internal circuit board work will heat up. As heat is easy to move up, a large part of the heat will be transferred to the water tank. Second, the cavitation effect. Cavitation effect produces a large number of tiny bubbles. These bubbles will expand and then burst, releasing a large amount of energy, but also generate a certain temperature.

Since there is no heating function will warm up, then why do we need heating function?

Ultrasonic work when the natural speed of warming is very slow, the larger the ultrasonic cleaning machine the slower the temperature. Generally large ultrasonic cleaning machine are designed with heat dissipation system to ensure long-term function. Most of the temperature of the internal circuit is dissipated. Secondly, the volume is larger and the specific heat capacity of the water itself is higher, so it is more difficult to heat up. . So the heating function is designed, and the temperature control system.

The purpose of the heating function of the ultrasonic cleaner is to improve the cleaning effect. Heating method obviously improves the cleaning effect. A typical example is degreasing and degreasing. Those who have done housework should know that there is a big difference between the degreasing and degreasing effect of hot and cold water.

Usually when using ultrasonic cleaning, the working temperature used is 50 ℃ to 60 ℃. Because the temperature is 50-60 degrees Celsius, most of the active enzyme activity is strong, is the appropriate temperature range for the decomposition of stains. So if you need to remove oil, be sure to choose the ultrasonic cleaning machine with temperature adjustment function.

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