Ultrasonic cleaning machine can wash hands? Ultrasonic cleaner hand washing is harmful to the body?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a physical cleaning, is a kind of only have ultrasonic + cleaning fluid to clean the cleaning equipment for cleaning purposes. The transmission of ultrasonic waves need medium, generally water, ultrasonic waves in the air propagation of the attenuation rate is large, and relative to the liquid and solid, in the air propagation of the attenuation rate is large, so the ultrasound is not much impact. But the cleaning agent used in ultrasonic cleaning machine is not necessarily, because in order to ensure the safety, or do not recommend this attempt is good!

ps: why ultrasonic cleaning machine needs cleaning agent?

If only ordinary stains are not required to add additional cleaning agent, but for some stubborn stains or special dirt, according to different circumstances to add the appropriate cleaning agent, cleaning agent can play a role in the process of cleaning solubilization, emulsification, dispersion, decomposition, etc., so as to achieve a cleaner, faster cleaning effect.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning agent

There are two common ultrasonic cleaning agents: one is a water-based cleaning agent; the other is a solvent-based cleaning agent. In addition, flammable and explosive or corrosive cleaning agents should be used with caution, in order to protect themselves and the safety of the cleaning workpiece, it is recommended to read the ultrasonic cleaner manual in detail before use or contact the ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer to determine whether to support the use of this type of cleaning agent.

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