Can ultrasonic cleaning machine wash commemorative coins?

Yes, ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean metal parts jewelry coins and so on.

Cleaning method.

1、First of all, add the appropriate cleaning solution to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can also add the appropriate cleaning agent.

2、then the need to clean the coins into the cleaning machine, to ensure that the cleaning solution can be submerged in the items.

3、Then turn on the ultrasonic cleaning machine and wait for the end of the cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, then simply wash and wipe it clean and it is done.

The fine seam and bump of the commemorative coin can be cleaned with the ultrasonic cleaning machine, because ultrasonic cleaning can achieve all-round cleaning, and any dirt can be dislodged by high frequency vibration.

The method of preserving the commemorative coins after cleaning.

1. Pay attention to the storage environment that cannot be chosen in a place where the air is occluded and not circulated. Many numismatists like to keep their coins in a collection book for a long time, but since the ordinary collection book does not isolate the coins from the outside air, once the weather becomes humid, the water vapor on the surface of the coins will become difficult to evaporate, thus allowing the coins to oxidize. It is recommended that if conditions allow, vacuum plastic sealing is used for preservation!

2. Use a protective box to seal the coins one by one, and then put them in a sealed container for preservation. Double protection prevents oxidation and better protects the collection value of the coins.

3, Be careful not to use your fingers to touch the coins too often, because sweat or other oil stains will cause oxidation after sticking to the coin body, so you need to wear clean white cloth gloves when viewing the coins, or use small tweezers for philately to clip the coins, but be careful not to let the sharp front section scratch the coin surface.

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