Can ultrasonic cleaners wash dishes?

Can ultrasonic cleaning machine wash dishes? The answer is yes, there are already many places using ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash dishes, such as canteens and other places suitable for large-scale cleaning, but in the family is relatively rare.

The advantages of using ultrasonic cleaning machine dishwashing.

Ultrasonic Dishwasher
Ultrasonic Dishwasher

1、power saving, water saving, low noise

Because the ultrasonic cleaning machine does not need a motor, cleaning does not need the traditional dishwasher spray arm rotary mechanism, churning impeller mechanism, more does not need a pump, motor, circulating water system, etc., all rely only on the vibration of the water molecules generated by the cleaning effect, the machine noise is low, saving water and electricity.

2、Dishwasher structure is simple, long service life

Since the use of ultrasonic vibration of water molecules to wash dishes, no spray arm rotation mechanism, water mixing impeller mechanism, water pump, motor, water circulation system, etc., so the structure is more simple, the chance of failure is much smaller, maintenance and after-sales service is simple.

3、No need to use special detergent

Traditional dishwasher mainly relies on the chemical cleaning effect of special detergent, while ultrasonic dishwasher does not need detergent in principle. The addition of detergent also only plays an auxiliary role, and there is no special requirement for detergent.

4, high cleanliness, no dead ends ultrasonic cleaning machine using high-frequency vibration water cleaning, high cleanliness, no dead ends can not be cleaned. Especially suitable for the cleaning of Chinese tableware.

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