How about automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine, I think for everyone is not a strange word, but you know the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine? Generally we use the ultrasonic cleaning machine are home, small, manual type. So what is the automatic type ultrasonic cleaner?

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine composition.

Fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine the whole process is mechanical fully automatic. (The use of a single beam multi-arm robot). Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of two parts: ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator. Ultrasonic cleaning tank with solid elasticity, corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel, the bottom is installed with an ultrasonic transducer oscillator; ultrasonic generator to generate high-frequency high pressure, through the cable linkage line conduction to the transducer, the transducer and vibration plate together to produce high-frequency resonance, so that the solvent in the cleaning tank by the ultrasonic effect on the dirt to wash. Full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine working mode.

It can distinguish fully closed/semi-closed. The work process adopts gantry dobby robot to move the work, computer control touch screen to operate the whole process, greatly reducing labor intensity.

The advantages of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine.

a. Good hardware design of the system

Generally speaking, in the use of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine will be given to the cleaning of the product for the timing process, and the system hardware of the equipment can also be directly displayed after the improvement of the time, people can be adjusted according to the value of the parameters originally set by the equipment when using, because it can be observed, so some indicators can be quickly adjusted. Directly achieve the cleaning of different items.

b、Stable operation of the equipment

Of course, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine also has the advantage of running a very stable process, the various subroutines of the equipment, although the drive is not the same, but can be directly from the main program to mobilize subroutines, but also through the main program for control, and automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine as long as the switch is turned on to set the parameter values, it can be very stable cleaning.

c、Easy operation of the equipment

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine operation is also very convenient, for example, some large industrial equipment cleaning machine is the use of this type of equipment, users only need to set the appropriate indicators can be trusted automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for direct operation, so convenient for people to operate at the same time also saves a certain amount of time.

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