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What items can be washed by ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Nowadays, ultrasonic cleaning machine can be said to have gone into every household, from the common glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine, crawfish ultrasonic cleaning machine to large industrial rust removal ultrasonic cleaning machine, can be described as a wide variety of categories, complete. It seems like no ultrasonic cleaning machine can not be cleaned, but in fact it really is? The answer is naturally not, such as some materials are easily damaged objects can not use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the operation.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean the following items.

Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine
Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Household area cleaning: gold and silver jewelry, tiaras, watch chains, pens, water pens, jewelry, brooches, CDs, shavers, combs, dentures, toothbrushes, tea sets, milk bottles, pacifiers and fruits and vegetables.

Office appliances field cleaning: printers, nozzles, pens, needle brushes, paint brushes, nozzles, sprayers, seals, etc.

Mechanical industry field cleaning: bearings, screws, nozzles, gears, fixtures, attachments for fixtures, springs, drilling molds, beds, valves, vernier calipers, files, various measuring tools, various tools, various mechanical parts, etc.

Electronic/electrical industry cleaning: semiconductor parts (silicon wafers, integrated circuits, etc.), various high- and low-voltage electrical equipment (relays, switches, substrates, potentiometers, etc.), various motors, compressors, various electrical parts, vacuum parts, etc.

Optical, photoelectric, photovoltaic industry: optical glass and components, photoelectric glass and components, photovoltaic glass and components, etc.

Jewelry, watch and ornament industry field cleaning: (cleaning attachment: paint, vanilla water, grease, dyes, plastic residues, dust, fingerprints) to remove dust, oxidation layer, abrasive paste, precious metals, ornaments, meter, strap, case, watch hand, digital disk, sludge, etc.

Medical, medical research industry field cleaning: surgical instruments, dental drill, reamer, esophagoscope, bronchoscope, rectoscope, cystoscope, pipette, glass container, syringe, sensor, test material glass, etc.

Automobile/construction machinery/ locomotive industry field cleaning: engine parts (such as cylinder block, cylinder liner, valve body, piston, piston ring, valve, etc.). , ignition bolt, brake pump, steering gear, damper, various precision parts, etc.

Aircraft industry field cleaning: engine parts, various accessories, fuel filters, fuel metering instruments, injection nozzles, wheels and other types of precision parts.

Semiconductor industry field cleaning: high cleanliness cleaning of semiconductor wafer.

Chemical and biological industry field cleaning: cleaning and descaling of experimental vessels.

Optical industry field cleaning: glass lens, resin lens, microscope, telescope, camera lens cleaning; in the optoelectronic industry is mainly applied to ITO conductive glass, LCD substrate cleaning, liquid crystal film residual liquid crystal cleaning after packaging.

Textile printing and dyeing industry field cleaning: cleaning spinneret, drawing board, textile spindle, fiber wire (stainless steel wire, nickel wire, copper wire, etc.) for oil removal and decontamination.

Petrochemical industry field cleaning: cleaning and dredging of metal filters, cleaning of chemical containers, exchangers, etc.

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