How to clean a mechanical watch? Can mechanical watches be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner?

Can mechanical watches be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machine? Many watch enthusiasts who know about ultrasonic cleaning machines may have this question, and the answer is yes. People who have this question may be two kinds of people. One is to know whether the ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean mechanical watches, and the second is to know whether the ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean mechanical watches. This point in the explanation of whether the ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean the mechanical table from two angles.


1, the watch can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine? Will damage the watch?

On the market for cleaning mechanical table ultrasonic cleaning machine is generally home ultrasonic cleaning machine, mechanical table steel belt or some of our usual cleaning of gold and silver jewelry itself have a certain degree of hardness. Household series of cleaning machines are generally small power, the frequency is generally 40KHz, is not any damage to the surface of these objects.

Of course some people may think, with ultrasonic cleaning will not cause damage to the mechanical watch movement and other parts? This is also a watch lovers are more concerned about the issue.

The answer is no. Cleaning mechanical watches is generally cleaning their bracelets. When cleaning a mechanical watch, we place the watch dial face up, immerse the bracelet in water and add a certain amount of cleaning solution (cleaning solution can be used shower gel, detergent, soapy water, etc.) to clean it.

If you still have concerns, consider taking 2-3 minutes to remove the bracelet and clean it so that you can be 100% assured. After all, some expensive watches, such as DW, Omega, Casio, Longines, Tissot, Cartier, Rolex and other famous brand watches, are not for one-time wear. Wearing time is as little as 3-5 years and as long as 8-10 years or even longer. Cleaning and maintenance work is to get in place.

2, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning mechanical table can be cleaned?

Speaking of cleaning effect, we have to start from the principle of ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is because the conductor in the liquid more than the frequency of human hearing (more than 20KHz) sound waves. When the sound waves in the cleaning fluid propagation, because the sound waves are longitudinal waves, longitudinal waves to promote the role of the medium will change the pressure in the liquid, producing countless tiny vacuum bubbles, the process is called “cavitation effect” (that is, the air impurities in the liquid is removed from the liquid). When the bubble is squeezed and burst, will produce a strong impact energy, will be hidden in the crevices of the dead corner of the dirt scattered, thereby enhancing the cleaning effect of cleaning. Because of the high frequency of ultrasonic waves, short wavelength, strong penetration, so the hidden crevices or complex structure of the cleaning object can achieve a good and ideal cleaning effect.

The above is the ultrasonic cleaning machine for the ultrasonic cleaning machine can wash the mechanical table in detail, in life the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning mechanical table is cleaner than our manual cleaning, because the role of ultrasound can make the cleaning solution to reach the human difficult to clean the corners of ultrasonic oscillation cleaning, universal home ultrasonic cleaning machine as long as the correct operation will not produce damage to the watch.

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