What are the parameters of ultrasonic cleaning machine? How to use ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine gradually replaced the traditional dipping, brushing, pressure washing, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning process methods, in more specialized production enterprises. Ultrasonic cleaning machine efficiency and high cleanliness, thanks to its sound waves in the medium when the propagation of the penetrating and cavitation shock wave.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle
Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

Under the action of ultrasound general oil removal, rust prevention, phosphating and other cleaning can be completed in just two or three minutes, the speed can be increased by several times to dozens of times than traditional methods, cleanliness can also reach high standards. This is in many of the product surface quality and productivity requirements of high occasions, highlighting the use of other treatment methods difficult to achieve or irreplaceable results.

One, to buy the right ultrasonic cleaning machine, we must first understand its main parameters

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency: ≥ 20 KHz, can be divided into low-frequency, medium-frequency, high-frequency 3 segments.

2, cleaning media: ultrasonic cleaning is a combination of physical and chemical effects, in order to fully and thoroughly clean the object. The chemical action of the cleaning medium can accelerate the effect of ultrasonic cleaning, generally chemical solvents, water-based cleaning agents, etc.

3, power density: power density = emission power (W) / emission area (cm²) usually ≥ 0.3W/cm², the higher the power density of ultrasound, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, the better the cleaning effect. But for the precision, the surface finish is very high objects, using a long time of high power density cleaning will produce “cavitation” corrosion on the surface of the object.

4, ultrasonic frequency: the lower the ultrasonic frequency, the easier the cavitation in the liquid, the stronger the effect, the stronger the role for the workpiece (coarse, dirty) initial washing. High frequency is ultrasonic directional, suitable for fine object cleaning.

5, cleaning temperature: the higher the temperature of the cleaning agent, the more significant the effect. Ultrasound in 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ cavitation effect is good, usually the actual application of ultrasound, using 50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ working temperature.

Second, want to use ultrasonic cleaning machine need to know its use, ultrasonic cleaning machine use what?

1, refer to the ultrasonic cleaning machine installation instructions, connect the electric control cabinet of the cleaning machine and the host between the temperature control sensor signal line, ultrasonic drive line, heater control line and other lines, and connected to 380VAC power supply, the installation of the cleaning machine on the water pipe, water discharge pipe and overflow discharge pipe.

2, to the cleaning pool to add an appropriate amount of water, the liquid level height to submerge the parts to be cleaned, generally not more than 3/4 of the cleaning pool.

3, start the electric heating switch, the water temperature adjustment knob on the white scale points to the appropriate temperature (should be about 60 ℃). The temperature of the cleaning agent should not exceed 70℃ during the use of the cleaning machine.

4、When the water temperature rises to about 40℃, add the cleaning agent into the cleaning pool and stir the water to make it fully dissolve (at this time, you can also start the ultrasonic wave or open the blower for stirring).

5, before cleaning it is appropriate to use the bamboo knife first parts surface dirt simple cleaning, ultrasonic can be precision cleaning, but its ability to deal with mud type of dirt is weak, so pretreatment, should try to remove the yellow mud or thin mud type of dirt

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in use of precautions

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly prohibited without cleaning fluid to start; cleaning equipment with heating equipment is strictly prohibited without liquid to open the heating switch.

2, prohibit the use of heavy objects (iron) hit the bottom of the cleaning cylinder cylinder, in order to avoid damage to the energy converter chip; cleaning cylinder cylinder bottom to be flushed regularly, there should not be too much debris or dirt.

3, ultrasonic cleaning machine each time a new liquid, to be ultrasonic start, before washing parts.

4, ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply and heater power must have a good grounding device

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