Six details that should not be ignored when using ultrasonic cleaning equipment

The following six points should be noted when using ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

1, cleaning basket: cleaning basket is recommended to use stainless steel basket, do not use plastic basket to prevent static electricity ;

2, cleaning time: cleaning time for each process is fixed at 3-5 minutes. If the surface area of the cleaning object is large or complex structure, the cleaning time can be properly adjusted according to the situation. If the cleaning object is easy to overlap, adhesion, then shake the workpiece when the cleaning object is put in and taken out, so that the cleaning agent and workpiece full contact to improve the cleaning effect.

3, the staff standardized operation: drainage, should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the edge of the cleaning tank cleaning basket for drainage. Lifting, should not drip the liquid from the previous cleaning tank into the next cleaning tank;

4, add liquid: liquid can not be filled too full, so as not to produce a mixture of liquid in more than one cleaning tank;

5, the use of a series of slots: ultrasonic cleaning machine should be an independent operation process for each slot, it is strictly prohibited to mix multiple slots cleaning.

6, the working environment: ultrasonic cleaning work environment should be kept air circulation, the work site is strictly prohibited to introduce open fire or easy to produce open fire materials. The temperature of the liquid in the cleaning tank is controlled below 50 degrees to reduce the volatilization of ultrasonic cleaning agent.

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine
Small ultrasonic cleaning machine

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