In what environment can not use the ultrasonic cleaning machine?

In what environment can not use the ultrasonic cleaning machine? Why can not use the ultrasonic cleaning machine in harsh environments?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine operating in a harsh environment may cause problems.

1, the machine does not work;

2, time control failure;

3, the machine does not heat;

4, poor cleaning effect, etc.

Therefore, prohibit the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine in the following harsh environments.

1. The temperature changes very violent place;

2. The temperature is too high and will produce dew place;

3. Vibration or shock is very strong place;;

4. Corrosive gases or dust exist in the place

5. Where there is water, oil, chemical splash;

6. places filled with explosive and combustible gases.


It is recommended that you do not use flammable or low flash point solutions. The energy released by cavitation is converted into heat and kinetic energy and produces high temperatures in the solution, which is very dangerous for flammable liquids. Acidic cleaning solutions, bleach should normally be avoided because they can damage stainless steel tanks or create hazards, but they can be used when used in indirect cleaning processes, such as using a large mouth beaker as an indirect cleaning vessel.

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