Aviation ultrasonic cleaning machine-Automatic aerospace parts ultrasonic cleaning machine

Aircraft parts are complex and precise, and extremely difficult to clean when cleaning. Moreover, it is expensive parts, if inadvertent errors, will suffer huge losses. Therefore, the birth of aviation ultrasonic cleaning machine is the gospel of the aviation staff, then the aviation ultrasonic cleaning machine in the end how useful it is? Please see the following introduction.

Non-standard ultrasonic cleaning machine
Non-standard ultrasonic cleaning machine

Aviation ultrasonic cleaning machine – aviation instruments cleaning tool

Aviation instrumentation is to provide the crew with information about the aircraft and its subsystems of the equipment. Aircraft instruments and various controllers form a human-machine interface that allows the pilot to control the aircraft according to the flight plan. The information provided by the instruments is not only the basis for the pilot to control the aircraft, but also reflects the result of the aircraft being maneuvered. So the instrument is very important for aviation, for aviation instruments, “cleaning” is essential. The use of aviation ultrasonic cleaning machine is a very good way to clean.

Aviation ultrasonic cleaning machine – aviation ultrasonic cleaning machine has advanced cleaning technology

Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, all the workpieces cleanliness is the same. Fast cleaning speed, improve production efficiency, cleaning fluid without manual contact, safe and reliable. It can also clean deep holes, crevices and hidden parts of the workpiece. No damage to workpiece surface, save solvent, heat, working time and labor.

Ultrasonic cleaning method is better than the traditional cleaning method. Especially the surface of the workpiece is more complex, such as some uneven surface, blind holes in mechanical parts, and some particularly small and require high cleanliness products, such as: clocks and watches and precision mechanical parts, electronic components, circuit board components, etc., the use of ultrasonic cleaning can achieve very satisfactory results.

Ultrasonic cleaning mechanism mainly has the following aspects: due to cavitation bubble rupture when the strong shock wave, under the action of shock waves, part of the dirt layer is stripped, dispersed, emulsified, flaking. Due to the bubbles generated by the cavitation phenomenon, the impact forms a void and void penetration between the dirt layer and the surface layer. Due to such small bubbles and acoustic pressure expansion at the same time, the bubbles keep penetrating inward until the dirt layer is completely peeled off. This is the secondary effect of cavitation. The combination of chemical and physical forces accelerates the cleaning process as ultrasound speeds up the process of dissolving the dirt with chemical cleaners.

Many passengers have been worried about airplane crashes. Now with the power of aviation ultrasonic cleaners, aircraft systems will run more smoothly and crashes will be greatly reduced. This also provides additional protection for passengers. Everyone is missing many concerns and flying with peace of mind and without fear.

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