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Ultrasonic cleaning machine is noisy how to do? How to effectively reduce the noise of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The noise generated during the work of ultrasonic cleaning machines is a matter of special interest and concern. Due to its special cavitation effect, it is generally impossible to completely eliminate the noise, but in order to ensure safety and improve the humanization of the cleaning process, the noise can be greatly reduced until it does not affect the human hearing. So there is no practical way to reduce the noise of the ultrasonic cleaning machine work process?

Sound, Silence
Sound, Silence

1, the installation of sound insulation accessories, sealing the cleaning tank.

In the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning machine and around the installation of sound insulation accessories, such as sound insulation silk wool. This measure is necessary. Although it will absorb some ultrasonic waves, affecting the efficiency, but in the protection of the environment and protection of people’s health benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Ultrasonic cleaning tank is sealed to reduce the noise emission. The inner wall of the cleaning tank is made of materials with strong sound reflecting ability, so that the sound will be weakened after repeated bouncing, which can also reduce the noise escaping.

2, Reduce the super intensity or reduce the external pressure.

The size of the noise is proportional to the sound intensity, and the reduction of the sound intensity is bound to achieve the purpose of reducing the noise. However, the intensity of sound can not be infinitely small, but only relatively weakened. It is proportional to the range and intensity of cavitation, so the sound intensity can be reduced to a certain extent to reduce noise.

3, reduce the external pressure of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine noise is an important reason for its cavitation effect, the size of the noise is determined by the severity of cavitation. If you can reduce the external pressure, you can reduce the severity of the impact to a certain extent. Therefore, the noise can be reduced by improving the airtightness of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

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