Can ultrasonic cleaning machine wash grapes?

Many people like to eat grapes, grapes are delicious and very nutritious, usually we buy the grapes must be cleaned before eating, if you only use water to rinse, it must not be clean, today we share the grape cleaning time-saving and convenient peace of mind method ~


Ultrasonic cleaning method of grapes.

The first step is to take the grapes out in a basin and rinse them roughly with water to remove the dust and large debris from the grapes.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut the grapes with their tips. (Remember to use scissors to cut the grapes from the top of the tips. Don’t drag them down, the skin will break easily and the dirt will enter the grapes during the cleaning process).

Step 3, add water to the ultrasonic cleaner, put the cut grapes into the cleaning tank, turn on the ultrasonic cleaning mode, the cleaning process will see the dirt attached to the surface of the grapes are discharged.

Step four, after the work is finished, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will automatically stop, at this time remove the grapes, the sewage drainage, the grapes rinse again can be eaten.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can remove the dirt and mud from the surface of the grapes, all-round without dead ends, ultrasonic cleaning with efficient cleaning, sterilization and disinfection, can effectively remove bacteria and microorganisms, clean grapes safe and healthy, so you can rest assured.

According to the test report, ultrasonic cleaning pesticide residue removal rate of up to 98% or more, with efficient clean, sterilization and disinfection, the role of pesticide residue, can effectively remove E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, methamidophos, lego, dichlorvos, hygromycin, etc. in fruits and vegetables, to solve the problem of food pollution, restore the essence of health, guarding food safety.

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