Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can be sterilized? How to use the correct medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

CSSD (Central Sterile SupplyDepartment) refers to the sterilization supply center, which is the department that undertakes the sterilization, cleaning, disinfection and sterile goods supply of reused medical instruments, apparatus and goods in each department in the hospital, and the ultrasonic cleaning equipment they use is the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Because the ultrasonic wave has strong penetrating power, and energy concentration, short wavelength, in the liquid will form a cavitation effect, so for the use of traditional cleaning can not be cleaned, the structure of precision instruments, etc. have a better cleaning effect. In addition, it can also effectively remove difficult to dissolve and strong adhesion of stains, shorten the cleaning time, reduce the incidence of damage in cleaning, can effectively extend the service life of tools and instruments, so where medical devices, aviation instruments, optical equipment and other industries with high cleanliness requirements, are using ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning.

Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine
Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine sterilization principle.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine sterilization is through the interaction of the sound-transmitting medium to produce a huge amount of energy to kill microorganisms in a very short period of time. It is generally believed that the sterilization effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly comes from the cavitation of the cell interior. The sterilization effect is affected by a variety of factors, including the frequency of ultrasound, intensity and exposure time, the type and number of microorganisms and the nature of the medium.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine operation methods and precautions

Medical devices are different from conventional dirt, which not only stick to the patient’s renin germs, while their own long-term shelving also produce bacteria, if the device has been tumor removal or organ transplantation and other surgeries, there will be residues, and residues are not directly contact the human body, through the ultrasonic cleaning effect is better.

The main methods of ultrasonic cleaning of medical devices are as follows:

① classify and recover medical devices, after which they are put into the effective chlorine solution of 1000mg/L and soaked for half an hour, if the degree of contamination of medical devices is high, the soaking time can be extended, after soaking so as to remove the residues of the instruments, put them into the flowing water and rinse them to remove the pollutants initially.

②Wash water into the cleaner, add multi-enzyme detergent and put into the instrument, after complete immersion, cover the ultrasonic cleaner and wash for 3-5 minutes, you can extend the time according to the degree of contamination of the instrument, but not more than 10 minutes.

③ After cleaning, drying, while oiling and packing the instruments to avoid re-contamination. Compared with conventional cleaning methods, its advantages are more, and can be based on the pollution of the instrument and the degree of importance, to give different programs of cleaning methods, so as to achieve the desired results.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine operation precautions:

① machine cleaning can not change the power, if you need to change the power off after the change.

② start with a fault can not be forced to start again; standardized, lightly placed cleaning materials, and should be completely immersed in the cleaning solution.

③ the higher the temperature of the cleaning agent when cleaning the better the cleaning effect; and cavitation effect is the appropriate temperature is 30-40 degrees Celsius, so usually the temperature of ultrasonic cleaning water temperature at 40-50 degrees Celsius.

④ Washing water level needs to be > 4 cm when washing.

⑤ cleaning tank to ensure that in a clean, clean state, after use to drain the cleaning solution, wash and dry.

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