Ultrasonic cleaning machine power calculation formula and ultrasonic output power test method

Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine
Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine power calculation formula.

(1), according to the transducer (commonly known as the vibration head) to calculate the power of the transducer on the market at present there are two kinds: 50W/1PCS; 60w/PCS. an ultrasonic cleaning machine power: the number of transducers N * 50W or N * 60W.

(2), know the length and width of the cleaning tank can be, 100mm distance a shock, horizontal and vertical are this distance, shock power is generally used 50W or 60W. 600 * 400 = 240000 divided by 10000 = 24 shock 24 * 50 = 1200W 24 * 60 = 1440W.

(3), the tank is generally placed at the bottom, 600 * 400mm surface, the general situation evenly arranged 24 vibrators can be, if the pollution is heavy, you can increase the power, evenly placed 28, the total power of about 1400w, with a 1500w generator is suitable.

(4), if the vibrator put if placed below, ultrasonic cleaning machine power calculation is 60 * 40 * 0.55 = 1320W.

Ultrasonic cavitation threshold is closely related to the frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the cavitation threshold. Low frequency, the lower the cavitation threshold, the more likely to produce cavitation. Low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning is generally used in large parts surface or dirt and workpiece surface adhesion is high, high-frequency ultrasonic is suitable for cleaning some precision parts. From the ultrasonic cleaning effect and economy to consider, the general selection of frequency in 20 ~ 130KHz.

Ultrasonic output power measurement method

(1), sonic sound pressure meter direct measurement

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment after the start, directly into the sound pressure meter probe into the liquid in the tank, you can measure the power size. At present, because the sound pressure instrument needs to be imported, and the price is very expensive (measuring small power ultrasonic sound pressure instrument in foreign countries need about tens of thousands of yuan, high-powered but also high). Therefore, the domestic application will have certain restrictions (even foreign manufacturers are not very popular use).

(2), power meter measurement method

The use of high-frequency power meter directly connected to the oscillator, power on the measurement of the input to the oscillator power value. The method is more simple. Currently, there are imported high-frequency power meter for sale, you can consider using.

(3), temperature conversion method

First in the cleaning tank into the water, wait a moment so that the cleaning tank metal temperature and water temperature neutralization, measurement of water temperature; then start the ultrasonic cleaning machine, because the ultrasonic vibration so that the speed of the water temperature in the first two hours is nearly linear rise, so 1 hour after the machine to measure the temperature of the water. Then according to the specific heat of water and cleaning tank metal specific heat and temperature, after time and other data can be roughly converted to the real power value of ultrasonic. The method is easy to grasp is also more practical a method. The method has been included in foreign books on ultrasound.

(4), ultrasonic generator input power measurement method

After the equipment is turned on, directly measure the ultrasonic generator input voltage, current, and then calculate the input power of the ultrasonic generator. Our current method is mostly used to determine. But because of the different propagation efficiency of the generator, the ultrasonic cleaning efficiency is also different. So the method has a certain empirical nature.

The actual production process, the use of water as a cleaning medium when commissioning ultrasonic cleaning machine, the power value obtained, according to experience as long as the rated power of about 70% can be. Because the user uses a different cleaning agent, the power has 10-30% of the upside.

For example, the use of ultrasonic generator input power measurement method when debugging equipment, cleaning tank for simple water, the measured current of 1A, adding a small amount of detergent to the tank, the current will immediately rise.

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