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Ultrasonic cleaning machine can remove rust? Ultrasonic cleaning machine how to remove rust?

Yes, it is perfectly possible. Because rust and oxidation are substances attached to the surface of the object and have gaps with the surface of the object, they can come off. However, because of their strong adhesion and hidden location, the general removal method is not effective. And the ultrasonic cleaning machine can effectively remove the rust stains and dirt in the hidden place, and the cleaning effect is good.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine rust removal demonstration video.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is how to remove rust?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove rust function from the ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle: frequency higher than 20,000 Hz sound waves called “ultrasonic”. Ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly through the transducer will be electrical energy into mechanical kinetic energy, through the cleaning tank to the tank liquid radiation ultrasonic, and then through the liquid medium cavitation effect on the surface of the object to produce high-frequency impact. Impact basically does not cause damage to the interior of the object. Through high-frequency continuous impact, under the action of the cleaning agent, the object surface dirt (such as rust) is completely removed. In this impact, ultrasonic cleaning machine can not only remove the rust on the object, but also make the surface of the object intact and new.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle
Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

The scope of application of ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove rust.

The oil and rust removal of various industrial parts, the cleaning of measuring instruments, the oil and rust removal of automobile parts and engines, the oil and rust removal of hardware parts, the oil and rust removal of train spare parts, etc.

Object surface treatment: metal material object surface activation treatment grinding paste, rust and oil removal before electroplating, etc.

Notes on the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine rust removal.

1, when using ultrasonic cleaning machine, do not pour cleaning agent in advance, so as not to damage the equipment.

2、Do not use flammable and explosive liquids and corrosive liquids as cleaning fluid.

3、When using volatile or corrosive cleaning agent, add water in the cleaning tank first, then put the cleaning agent into the container, then put in what needs to be cleaned.

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