Can ultrasonic cleaners be used for industrial cleaning? If so, how should I choose?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

Can ultrasonic waves be used for industrial cleaning?

The answer is yes, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is an important category of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a new process in modern industry is gaining more and more attention. Can greatly improve the cleaning production efficiency, improve product quality.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine advantages are summarized as follows.

1, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, all workpiece cleanliness consistent

2, fast cleaning speed, improve production efficiency, no manual contact cleaning fluid, safe and reliable

3, deep holes, slits and hidden parts of the workpiece can also be cleaned

4, will not damage the surface of the workpiece, save solvent, heat, workplace and labor.

PCB circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine
PCB circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning method exceeds the general conventional cleaning methods, especially the surface of the workpiece is more complex, such as some surface unevenness, blind holes in mechanical parts, as well as some particularly small, high requirements for cleanliness products, such as watches and clocks and precision mechanical parts, electronic components, circuit board components, etc., the use of ultrasonic cleaning can achieve the desired effect.

At present, ultrasonic cleaning can be applied to industries including electronics, machinery, electrical appliances, glass, glasses, watches, electroplating, instruments, meters, jewelry, medical, hardware, bearings, hydraulics, aviation, ceramics, chemical fiber, pen making, electroplating pretreatment, etc., can be said to cover the modern industry.

In all aspects, compared with other cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machine are showing great advantages. Especially in specialized, group production enterprises, ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced the traditional dipping brush, pressure cleaning, gas phase cleaning and steam cleaning and other process methods.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine of high efficiency and high cleanliness thanks to the sound waves in the medium when the propagation of penetrating and cavitation shock wave. Therefore, it is easy to clean parts with complex shapes, internal cavities and small voids. General processes such as degreasing, rust prevention and phosphating can be completed in just two or three minutes with ultrasonic waves. Compared with traditional methods, its speed can be increased by several times to tens of times, and the cleanliness can reach a high standard.

In many of the product surface quality and productivity requirements of high occasions, more prominent performance of other cleaning methods difficult to achieve or can not replace the effect.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine purchase method.


One, ultrasonic cleaning tank size selection: according to the size of the workpiece and cleaning volume decision.

Second, the choice of ultrasonic cleaning agent: to the traditional method used in the cleaning agent is the same, do not need to replace.

Third, the choice of ultrasonic cleaning fluid temperature: room temperature -100 degrees, with a constant temperature system, always maintain such a temperature. For example: can be at 60 degrees, the oil removal effect is better.

Fourth, the choice of ultrasonic cleaning process: ultrasonic cleaning, bubble cleaning and high-pressure spray cleaning in combination with each other, can also be used alone, depending on the workpiece and stains and design different processes.

Fifth, the choice of ultrasonic frequency: the conventional is 28KHZ and 40KHZ, 28KHZ is characterized by ultrasonic power, ultrasound times less, suitable for cleaning a certain degree of cleanliness requirements of the workpiece. For example: 40KHZ is characterized by small ultrasound power, ultrasound times, suitable for cleaning cleanliness requirements of the workpiece is not high.

Six, the choice of ultrasonic power: according to the size of the cleaning tank to determine the power size. The distance between each 50W transducer is 80mm, according to this industry standard, the power size can be calculated.

Seven, the choice of ultrasonic installation: ultrasonic installation: bottom installation, installation on both sides, the bottom and both sides of the three sides of the installation at the same time. Bottom installation is also called the bottom shock type, the effective height of ultrasound for 500mm, both sides of the installation is the side shock, the effective length of ultrasound for 1000mm, the effective height and the location of the transducer. The bottom and both sides of the three sides installed at the same time, is a three-sided shock, the effective length of ultrasound can not exceed 1000mm, the height can be adjusted.

Eight, to see the ultrasonic cleaning process: different workpieces and stains suitable for the selection of different processes of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the choice of ultrasonic cleaning machine to choose the right process, the process to choose the right to ensure the effectiveness of cleaning.

Nine, look at the ultrasonic cleaning machine power: industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning frequency generally choose 28KHZ and 40KHZ, according to the cleaning products and cleaning volume to choose the right power of the equipment.

Ten, look at the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer size and qualifications: the market is full of many small ultrasonic cleaning machine workshops, quality and safety performance of the pit is unable to compare with the regular large manufacturers. After reminding everyone, no matter what kind of ultrasonic cleaning machine to choose, pay attention to the regular industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers to buy.

The use of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1, the items to be cleaned into the cleaning basket of the cleaning machine, and then the cleaning basket into the cleaning tank. Please do not put the items directly into the cleaning tank, so as not to damage the equipment and affect the cleaning effect.

2, According to different products or cleaning effect, pour in cleaning solution, water or aqueous solution in proportion, the minimum water level should not be lower than the minimum water level marked in the product manual, and the maximum water level should not exceed the maximum water level marked in the product manual.

3, connect 220V/50Hz power three-prong socket, turn on the power.

4, open the ultrasonic cleaning machine switch button, green switch on the normal operation.

5, open the ultrasonic cleaner temperature control, according to the item cleaning requirements to adjust the temperature.

6, the temperature indicator goes off, the heater reaches the required requirements, the heater stops working, if lower than the set temperature, the heater will continue to automatically heat.

7, When the heating temperature reaches the product cleaning requirements, the cleaning timer can be turned on, and the working time of the timer can be set according to the product cleaning requirements.

8, The cleaning time of general items is 10 minutes to 20 minutes. For cleaning difficult workpieces, the cleaning time can be extended appropriately to ensure the cleaning effect.

9, The timer position can be adjusted arbitrarily within 1-20min, also can be adjusted in the normally open position. The general cleaning time is 10-20min. for the cleaning of particularly difficult parts, the cleaning time can be extended appropriately.

10, After cleaning, the cleaning tank remove the cleaning basket, rinse with warm water or in another solvent-free warm water cleaning tank.

11, Items should be dried, stored and assembled after cleaning.

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