What liquids are used in ultrasonic cleaners? What can not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine?

What can not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner? Ultrasonic cleaner with what water? Nowadays, the application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is becoming more and more common, along with the various industries to improve the efficiency of cleaning and cleanliness needs, many companies with cleaning needs are choosing to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the workpiece. However, many people in the first use of ultrasonic cleaning machine will have such questions, I am here to briefly introduce the ultrasonic cleaner with what water, what can not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

What can not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine.

1, with paint, piezoelectric ceramic pieces, loose materials, are not very suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.

2, there is a liquid will react, causing corrosion, explosion, combustion and other unsafe factors can not be cleaned.

3, it is not recommended to clean the skin of more fragile items, sound absorption of large materials (such as fabric, rubber and high viscosity dirt).

4, Can not clean the nano-level dust, and can not clean the carpet.

5, afraid of vibration, fragile items also can not use ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can use the following liquids.

1、ordinary clean tap water, river water or well water, depending mainly on what the cleaning dirt is!

Ultrasonic cleaning machine with general water can be, water cleaning fluid suitable for cleaning temperature of 40-60 ℃, especially in the cold if the cleaning fluid temperature is low cavitation effect is poor, cleaning effect is also poor. Therefore, some cleaning machine in the cleaning cylinder outside the heating plate for temperature control, when the temperature rises cavitation is easy to occur, so the cleaning effect is better. If the main is in addition to oil and wax, it must be appropriate to add a certain proportion of special cleaning agent, ultrasonic cleaning machine with cleaning agent is generally composed of water and formula cleaning agent; there is a certain degree of acidity and alkalinity (acidity and alkalinity describes the degree of acidity and alkalinity of the aqueous solution, expressed in pH value. Thermodynamic standard condition, pH = 7 of the aqueous solution is neutral, pH < 7 is acidic, pH > 7 is alkaline. According to your cleaning dirt to choose a different cleaning agent, if the water alone without cleaning agent to clean can also be, which will affect a certain cleaning effect.

2、Wash board water, or capacitor type cleaning agent

Cleaning circuit board is recommended not to use water, because this may cause damage to the circuit board components internal short circuit, or make components pin oxidation rust, etc., affecting product performance. Washing circuit boards in addition to dust, washing rosin solder beads and so on using alcohol effect is good, if it is to oxidation is recommended to use the board wash water or hydrogen peroxide. But if the rust must be used to remove the rust agent, which should consider whether the circuit components can withstand the rust agent and will not be damaged.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used with the cleaning agent.

On some stubborn stains or special dirt, according to different conditions to add the appropriate cleaning agent, cleaning agent can play a role in the cleaning process of solubilization, emulsification, dispersion, synthesis, etc., so as to reach a cleaner, faster cleaning effect.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

Commonly used ultrasonic cleaning agent has two kinds.

1, water-based cleaning agents.

2, solvent-based cleaning agent.

Warm tip: flammable and explosive or corrosive cleaning agents should be used with caution, to ensure the safety of their own and cleaning workpiece, it is recommended that before use carefully read the ultrasonic cleaner manual or contact the ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers to ask whether to support the use of such cleaning agents.

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