How to choose the correct medical ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The need for product disinfection in the medical field has become the focus of care for manufacturers’ research and development. Undeniably, with the development and improvement of the medical science system, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine has been done as the hospital necessary cleaning and disinfection equipment.

Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine
Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine

And medical ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the different requirements of cleaning with different configurations, can be broadly divided into the following categories.

1, single-slot medical ultrasonic cleaning machine: only with ultrasonic cleaning tank, of which there are horizontal and desktop two.

2, double-slot medical ultrasonic cleaning machine: including ultrasonic cleaning tank, ultrasonic rinsing tank.

3, multi-slot medical ultrasonic cleaning machine: in the double-slot based on the addition of the cycle of filtration, rinsing, drying and other functions.

4, medical automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine: set the program, can automatically complete the entire cleaning process (including drying), without manual intervention, suitable for large quantities of hospital apparatus cleaning and disinfection.

Select medical ultrasonic cleaning machine can be considered from the following points.

1, can be a variety of complex structure of the apparatus, precision parts thoroughly and quickly for non-destructive cleaning;

2, can use environmentally friendly solvent cleaning or water-based cleaning, pure water rinsing, etc.;

3、Multiple ultrasonic frequencies can be adjusted, both rough washing and fine washing;

4, need to use high-quality 304 stainless steel material, corrosion prevention and excellent waterproof performance;

5, for medical apparatus cleaning design of the cleaning machine, but also need strong power, stable performance, long service life.

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