What is an ultrasonic nozzle cleaner and what can an ultrasonic nozzle cleaner do?

What is what is an ultrasonic nozzle cleaner? As the name implies ultrasonic nozzle cleaner is also a special nozzle for the nozzle and the development of the nozzle ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic Nozzle Cleaner
Ultrasonic Nozzle Cleaner

Printhead as the core components of the equipment, directly affects the printing speed of the equipment, the service life of the machine, the accuracy of the finished print screen, etc.. The state of the printhead is closely related to operating costs and profits. With the use of equipment for a longer period of time, even after the replacement of the printhead will gradually appear nozzle blockage, broken needle, oblique spray, drawing, defocusing and other phenomena, the change of cleaning nozzle has become the enterprise’s “big problem”, so the birth of nozzle ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic nozzle cleaning machine advantages.

Easy cleaning, significant effect

Nozzle cleaning professionalism, easy to consume a lot of manpower and time. The nozzle cleaning equipment is simple to use and easy to operate, avoiding the need to replace new nozzles due to nozzle blockage, broken needles, oblique spray, reducing business operating costs. Automatic cleaning makes the operation simple and easy to get started, while the cleaning effect is good, greatly saving downtime waiting time.

Ultrasonic nozzle cleaning machine using ultrasonic waves and with a special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle, cleaning effect is remarkable, can solve eighty-nine percent of the nozzle clogging problem, except for some chemical factors lead to clogging problems. At the same time in solving the nozzle in the long-term use of the drawing, oblique spray, broken lines, deflated and other problems, will not cause damage to the nozzle.

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