How to remove rosin from circuit boards?

How to effectively remove the rosin on the circuit board? In fact, it is very simple, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning circuit boards, cleaning effect is very clean. In the past, circuit board manufacturers can only manually clean, this is because of the constraints of contemporary technology, there is not a good cleaning program for circuit boards, can only use manual cleaning operations, but manual cleaning circuit board cleaning speed is not only slow, and the cleaning effect is not ideal, etc..

And with the development of science and technology, circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine came into being, the principle of the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cavitation principle and chemical reaction to remove the rosin on the circuit board.

Currently more and more circuit board manufacturers, competition is becoming more and more intense. In this time is money, technology is the era of productivity, machine instead of manual cleaning of various circuit boards is a matter of time.

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