How is the noise of ultrasonic cleaning machine generated?

People who have used ultrasonic cleaning machine know, ultrasonic cleaning machine will work to produce a certain decibel noise. Some people may think that the noise is caused by the ultrasound itself. In fact, this is not the case. The sound of ultrasound itself is a kind of sound waves inaudible to the human ear.

So, what is the source of noise ultrasonic cleaning machine?

This is the sound generated after the cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaning, but also the sound generated by the bubble to the water tank wall, this sound is different with the ultrasonic frequency, the size of the sound, the frequency is also different. The normal ultrasonic cleaner sound should be consistent, there can be no noise and whistling sound.

The noise generated by the ultrasonic cleaner is harmful to the human body?

Any noise will have a certain negative impact on the human auditory system, but not harmful. As long as the control within a certain range, it will not cause any serious harm to the human body.

How to eliminate the noise generated by ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Completely eliminate the noise is technically impossible. The noise decibels can only be controlled at the lowest possible level. Now many cleaning machines are equipped with varying degrees of silencing devices, such as mufflers. Generally speaking, high-frequency ultrasound is relatively low-frequency ultrasound. Due to the small amplitude, the mechanical energy conversion is not as strong, the noise is much smaller. If used in the laboratory, generally use relatively small noise low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Workshop use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is mostly medium frequency and low frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, plus a certain noise reduction cover and other devices, this noise will not be greater than the noise generated by other machines in the workshop.

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