Ultrasonic cleaning machine to the workpiece to remove the oil operation steps

Speaking of ultrasonic cleaning machine, I think we should not be unfamiliar with it, since the ultrasonic cleaning machine into the civilian field, ultrasonic cleaning can be said to have gone into the household, then you know how to operate the ultrasonic cleaning machine to the workpiece in addition to oil to achieve good cleaning results?


Ultrasonic cleaning machine in addition to oil the specific steps are as follows.

1, in the ultrasonic cleaning machine into the water. The ratio of water to the workpiece can be controlled at 2/3 or 4/5;

2, set the heating temperature, generally set at 50 to 65 °, and then start heating, heating time is generally in about 30 minutes;

3, add the appropriate amount of degreasing cleaning agent;

4, when the temperature reaches the set target, the workpiece into the ultrasonic cleaning machine, again note that the water must be above the workpiece;

5, wait for the cleaning is complete, generally about ten minutes;

6, cleaning is complete, you can take out the workpiece. After taking out, should rinse the cleaning tank to ensure that the cleaning tank is clean inside;

The above is the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine to degrease the workpiece of the detailed steps. In the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine before, you must have enough understanding of the ultrasonic cleaning machine and carefully read the product manual to avoid unnecessary damage.

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