How to correctly select the ultrasonic cleaning machine, what are the factors that affect its price?

When people buy goods, if they do not consider their pockets, it is certainly the more expensive the better, make the best of it to buy. But if you add the amount of the limit, then I can only say that the right fit is good. So how do we properly select the right ultrasonic cleaning equipment for themselves?

First, first we have to know is that those factors affect the price of ultrasonic cleaning machine.


1. brand: the more loud the machine brand, the more expensive;

2. raw materials: the better the raw materials, the more expensive natural prices;

3. After-sales service: the better the after-sales service is guaranteed, the more expensive the price is naturally;

4. quality: the better the quality, the price must be much more expensive than the low-end ultrasonic cleaning machine;

5. labor costs: with the rising standard of living, labor costs continue to rise, the natural price of the machine will be expensive;

6. Machine capacity: the larger the capacity of the larger the volume, the more information required, the price will naturally be expensive;

7. power: the higher the ultrasonic power, the more expensive;

Second, understand their own cleaning needs

1.Cleaning workpiece: should clearly understand the need to clean the product material composition, shape and structure, size, cleaning volume, cleaning cleanliness requirements, what is the process after cleaning is completed.

2. The dirt to be cleaned: clear what the surface of the workpiece needs to be cleaned, such as: stamping pulling up grease, polishing wax, carbon, dust, fingerprints, etc.

3. Cleaning process: according to the characteristics of the workpiece and dirt situation to choose a reasonable ultrasonic cleaning equipment process, you can consult the relevant personnel in Tianjin Taim ultrasonic to provide you with advice in this regard, or ask the manufacturer to provide you with process experiments to improve the cleaning process, the choice of cleaning process is an important part of the equipment manufacturing before, must choose the right process, or affect the long-term cleaning effect in the future.

4. How to choose manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic: manual is generally suitable for simple processes, a small amount of cleaning operations. Semi-automatic suitable for cleaning large heavy objects or medium to large quantities of cleaning, can reduce labor and improve cleaning efficiency. Automatic suitable for large quantities of cleaning, cleaning quality and stability, good results, but the cost of equipment is high. Another is that the user needs to be based on their own budget situation and other factors to consider

5. How to choose the size of the cleaning tank: cleaning tank size selection is based on the amount of workpiece cleaning, structure, cleaning time to determine, that is, in a certain cleaning time need to complete so many cleaning workpieces. Cleaning a time to come up with how many products need to be cleaned once in the size of the position occupied by the tank to determine the size of the cleaning tank.

6. How to choose a reasonable power strength of ultrasound: power strength and weakness of the size of the workpiece cleaning effect of good ring and cleaning time is a direct determinant. Power strength and size is the root of the workpiece structure and workpiece in the tank placement to choose the ultrasonic radiation distribution mode. To calculate the size of the ultrasonic power needed to launch surface. Granbo ultrasonic power size calculation using the general standard way to calculate.

7. How to choose the ultrasonic frequency: the general conventional cleaning frequency selection for 28KHZ and 40KHZ more, the surface of the workpiece requires very small particles and surface damage is not allowed to choose a higher frequency.

8. How to choose ultrasonic cleaning equipment cleaning agent: cleaning agent for the long-term use of future equipment consumables, cleaning agents are divided into organic solvents and water-based cleaning agents. According to the different formulations there are thousands of thousands of different cleaning agents, each according to the material of the cleaning workpiece, characteristics, dirt, etc. to choose the cleaning agent, the general principle is both fast and thorough cleaning the dirt clean, but can not damage the appearance of the workpiece for the basic.

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