Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine industrial oil removal and decontamination, easy to solve the problem of oil pollution

We all know that the removal of industrial oil is a very troublesome thing, if the use of manpower to clean, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also lead to some gaps and crannies cleaning is not clean. Therefore, now in the common cleaning method is the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove industrial dirt oil.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil stains advantages:

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

1、comprehensive and thorough cleaning, whether the object surface or crevices and nooks can be cleaned in place;

2、high efficiency, while cleaning various parts of the object, the efficiency of manual can not be compared, and can also be a large number of cleaning;

3、Prevent secondary pollution, after ultrasonic cleaning, the surface of the object will become smoother, greatly reducing the adhesion of dirt.

Cleaning comparison:

Comparison of cleaning effect
Comparison of cleaning effect

Cleaning Video.

Cleaning method.

Scrubbing: Put the parts into the container with diesel oil, kerosene or other cleaning solution, and scrub with cotton yarn or brush. The method is easy to operate, simple equipment, but low efficiency, suitable for a single small batch of small parts. Generally not suitable for the use of gasoline, because the fat solubility of gasoline can damage human health and easily cause fire

High-temperature water washing: the prepared solution and the parts to be cleaned are put into a suitably sized cleaning pool welded with steel plates, heated to 80~90℃℃ The furnace is placed under the pool and rinsed for 3~5min

Spray cleaning: a certain pressure and temperature of the cleaning solution will be sprayed on the surface of the parts to remove the oil. The method cleaning effect is good, high productivity, but the equipment is complex, suitable for cleaning the shape is not too complex, the surface oil serious parts

Vibration cleaning: the parts to be cleaned are placed on the cleaning basket or cleaning rack of the vibration cleaning machine, and they are immersed in the cleaning solution. The vibration generated by the washing machine can simulate the manual rinsing and the chemical action of the cleaning fluid to remove the oil.

Note: The frequency used by industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove industrial oil is generally about 40KHz, with smaller workpieces using higher frequency and larger workpieces using lower frequency. Taking into account the nature of the linear propagation of ultrasonic waves, the parts should be made to rotate and turn in the oil removal tank, so that all parts of its surface can get ultrasonic radiation, and receive a better oil removal effect

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine oil removal principle.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine in addition to industrial oil is adhering to the oil products placed in the oil removal fluid to a certain frequency of ultrasonic radiation for the oil process, the introduction of ultrasound can strengthen the oil process, shorten the oil removal time, improve the quality of the process, but also to make the fine holes in the blind hole oil completely removed. The effect of ultrasonic oil removal is largely based on the action of air.

When the ultrasonic action on the liquid, repeatedly and alternately produce instant negative pressure and instant positive pressure, in the vibration generated negative pressure in the half-cycle, the liquid produces many vacuum cavities, liquid vapor or dissolved in the solution of gas into the cavities to form bubbles, then, in the positive pressure of the half-cycle, the bubble is compressed and ruptured, instantly produce a strong pressure (can be as high as hundreds of megapascals), it produces a huge shock wave. It produces a strong stirring effect on the solution and forms an impact force to wash the oil on the surface of the workpiece, so that the oil on the deep recesses and pores of the surface of the parts is also easy to remove, strengthening the saponification and emulsification, thus accelerating the oil removal process and making the oil removal more complete.

Oil removal range

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine in addition to industrial oil can be applied to organic solvent oil removal, chemical oil removal and electrochemical oil removal.

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