Can ultrasonic cleaner remove oil stains? What is the effect?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can remove oil and dirt? The answer is naturally can, to know the main function of ultrasonic cleaning machine is to remove oil and dirt.

Ultrasonic oil and dirt removal effect comparison chart.

Oil removal effect comparison chart
Oil removal effect comparison chart

Ultrasonic in addition to oil and dirt principle.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine in addition to industrial oil is adhering to the oil products placed in the oil removal fluid to a certain frequency of ultrasonic radiation for oil attachment process, the introduction of ultrasound can strengthen the oil attachment process, shorten the oil removal time, improve the quality of the process, but also to make the fine holes in the blind hole oil completely removed. The effect of ultrasonic oil removal is largely based on the action of air.

When the ultrasonic action on the liquid, repeatedly and alternately produce instant negative pressure and instant positive pressure, in the vibration generated negative pressure in the half-cycle, the liquid produces many vacuum cavities, liquid vapor or dissolved in the solution of gas into the cavities to form bubbles, then, in the positive pressure of the half-cycle, the bubble is compressed and ruptured, instantly produce a strong pressure (can be as high as hundreds of megapascals), it produces a huge shock wave. Strong stirring effect on the solution, and the formation of the impact of washing the surface of the workpiece oil, so that the parts surface deep recesses and pores at the oil is also easy to remove, to strengthen the role of saponification and emulsification, thereby accelerating the process of oil removal and make oil removal more complete.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in addition to the advantages of oil and dirt.

For example, large industrial single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine. This type of equipment is widely used in the hardware industry, its cleaning effect is very clean. Generally used to remove oil and rust anti-rust, for example: a large hardware parts manufacturer, the number of hardware parts produced every day is 30,000, manual cleaning of this huge number of particularly hard things, not only cleaning time is long, and cleaning is not thorough enough, especially in the crevices of the dirt cleaning is not in place. If you use the ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning hardware parts to improve the efficiency, oil and rust removal effect is cleaner.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil and dirt operation process.

1, will need to clean the aluminum block with oil, metal parts, bearings, chains, molds and other hardware parts into the cleaning basket, and then the cleaning basket into the cleaning tank;

2, add water and pour in the appropriate amount of degreasing agent;

3, open the switch and adjust the time, temperature (temperature at about 55 degrees, the best effect of cleaning oil), press the start button, the ultrasonic cleaning machine will begin to work;

4, cleaning is complete, shut down (if you set a good time you do not have to press the shutdown, the cleaning machine will stop itself);

5, the cleaning basket will be picked up, the hardware immediately air dry;

6, if temporarily not in use, to do a good job of cleaning machine maintenance work;

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