SMT ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the SMT industry

SMT is surface mount technology, English name: Surface Mount Technology, SMT is advanced electronic manufacturing technology, surface mount micro components directly soldered to the PCB on the surface of other substrates in the prescribed position, without the need to play insertion holes for printed circuit board PCB. Compared with the traditional through-hole instrumentation technology, SMT has the advantages of compact structure, high assembly density, small size, small mass, good high-frequency performance, anti-vibration and anti-impact, which is conducive to improving the reliability of products. In addition, SMT also has the advantages of simple process, less welding defects, high production efficiency, low labor intensity and low production cost. Therefore, in recent years, SMT has developed rapidly and has become the mainstream of the world’s electronic machine assembly technology.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment in SMT industry is very popular

SMT mounting method is divided into “manual mounting and machine mounting” two kinds. When the amount is larger, need to install to the machine, namely SMT mounter. It works by attaching the SMT nozzle to the component and placing it on the PCB board at the corresponding position to fix it, and then passing through the furnace.

In this process, the SMT nozzle is adsorption type, which is easy to inhale foreign matter and lead to the blockage of the pipeline, and the slender pipeline cannot be cleaned manually. Therefore, special ultrasonic cleaning equipment is required. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment does not require contact, the use of powerful impact and cavitation, so that the pipeline dirt in the ultrasonic action with the water flow loosened off and flushed out.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is not only applied to the cleaning of slender tubes in SMT, but also can be applied to other aspects, such as in the SMT industry, there are a large number of PCB semi-finished products, which have many rosin need to be cleaned, and this point is also able to use the ultrasonic cleaning function, fast and thorough cleaning.

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